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HyperSnap is the fastest and easiest way to take screen captures from Windows screen and full screen games, and text capture (TextSnap™) from places where normal text copy is not possible. HyperSnap combines the power of a first-class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility - wrapped into one easy-to-use tool!

# Image captures from any where on the screen or multiple monitors, in any shape or size.
# New & powerful image capture, editing, annotation and manipulation tools. Objects drawn over images can now be selected, edited, shown and hidden, moved, deleted any time. A new native file format saves the objects drawn for further editing later, or save a standard image and have the object "imprinted" permanently on them.
# Unlimited undo/redo.
# TextSnap™ feature to capture editable text from almost anywhere on the screen. Can also capture tab-delimited data for easy paste into MS Excel.
# Snags also those difficult-to-grab screens from DirectX™ and Glide™ games.
# Image stamps, frames, drop shadow, free-hand capture, FTP server uploads, more.
# Automatic color substitution.
# Non-rectangular window capture.
# Button Capture - perfect for professional technical writers who need to snap and document dozens of buttons!
# Auto-scrolls and concurrently captures long web pages and other. documents, enabling it to grab more than is visible on the screen.
# Tightly integrates with the MS Windows clipboard to automate repetitive tasks - will even automatically PASTE capture images where needed!
# Automatically saves your captures to graphics files.
# Doubles as effective image viewer, format converter (over 20 image formats supported).
# Fully customizable user interface. Rearrange menus and toolbars any way you want, assign any keyboard shortcuts you like, tear off menus to create instant toolbars, even control HyperSnap with voice commands!
# Extended Window Capture function when running on Windows XP® . Resizes a window to be much bigger than the screen before the capture - in one quick step, no auto-scrolling!
# And More ...

New in this version
2012.04.19 HyperSnap 7.14.01 release
Hang on region capture or crop functions under Win7 on some machines.
Marking stamps for auto-insert damaged stamp files
Auto-inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly
Inserting stamps with "underlay" (emboss) style did not work correctly when target image had 32 bpp color

Minor change:
Turning off the "default button" style on edit stamp or text box when editing the text (Enter key enters new lines in text then)

OS Compatibility : Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)

Software Homepage :
Installation Help : Unrar the archive. Run the setup file to instal the program. Now run the .lic file to get it licensed.

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