Multi Boot Jaguar v1.0 (x86/x64) | 6.83 GB
This assembly is designed to load the operating system for netbooks, computers that do not work or is absent at the request of CDDVD privod.Sdelana where in the - clear images Windows7 x86 and x64, as well as build Windows XP SP3 XTreme ™ WinStyle Water 15.04.2012 + DriverPacks (SATA / RAID).

When you unpack the file in the root of the stick GHO will be a folder with the drug (activation) for the seven - or activate themselves. WARNING If you wish to make a choice on a flash drive editions of Windows7 in folders at the root of V32 and V64 to delete the file ei.cfg - will be able to select the revision. I want to thank Alexander and Alexander - SANYA1303 PASIGUT assistance for the creation of a poster!

Extras. Information:
, format to NTFS utility hpusbfw, run under the admin Grub4Doc - extract the files to the media, and then open and extract the contents of GHOST32 JaguarGHO to the media, film is present.

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