Plug and play redefined. Plug in a flash drive or retired iPod to help maintain or repair your Mac. With Protogo and just a few clicks you can configure a bootable device to maintain and monitor your Macs for impending problems. You can create your own custom profiles too and your device will run software faster than from a DVD. Once you see how well that works youll protect all your Macs with Protogo. Its that easy.
Powered by TechTool Pro. Your Protogo profiles include TechTool Pro to diagnose hardware issues repair drives fix disk permissions clone volumes backup your Lion Recovery HD to another Lion device and a lot more. Plus you can add other utilities like anti-virus to complement your profiles and help you prevent costly repairs in the future. Whats more you can reconfigure your device profiles anytime you need. Thats versatility.

Link Never Die (If links die, I Will reupload at here)

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