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Coast to Coast AM Radio May 28 Jun 03 2012 +Art Bell S.I.T &Classics
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Included: Art Bell: Somewhere in Time, Classic Shows, Dreamland, Revelations, and RadioOutThere.

Coast To Coast AM
on the Horizon
Monday May 28, 2012
In the first half, internationally known psychic who has counseled over 15,000 people since 1982, Joseph Jacobs, discussed what he sees on the horizon during these turbulent times, and what people can do to develop their spirituality. The latter...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Joseph Jacobs

Antihumanism Movement/ The Afterlife
Tuesday May 29, 2012
In the first half, innovator in the fields of aerospace and energy, Robert Zubrin, discussed the history of the antihumanism movement. He traced the movement to Thomas Malthus' ideas about population in the 18th century, to Paul Ehrlich's dire...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Robert Zubrin, Ptolemy Tompkins

Reincarnation and Past Lives
Wednesday May 30, 2012
In the latter half of the show, author M.J. Rose discussed her extensive research into reincarnation, its religious and historical roots, and connection to fragrances. First hour guest, Dr. Marvin Hausman reported on radiation tainted tuna...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): M.J. Rose, William Henry, Dr. Marvin Hausman

Military Remote Viewing
Thursday May 31, 2012
Professional intelligence officer with 50 years of service with the U.S. Army, Bill Ray, talked about how he was trained to be a remote viewer at the Stanford Research Institute in the 1980s, and eventually became Commander of the unit. First...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Bill Ray, James McCanney

Transylvania Expedition / Open Lines
Friday June 1, 2012
In the first half, paranormal researchers Joshua P. Warren and Dave Schrader reported on their recent investigative trip to Transylvania. Open Lines followed.
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Joshua P. Warren, Dave Schrader

Brain Wars
Saturday June 2, 2012
John B. Wells welcomed neuropsychologist Mario Beauregard for a discussion on his research into the relationship between the mind and brain. In the first hour, geopolitical analyst Craig B. Hulet talked about the government performing key word...
Host: John B. Wells
Guest(s): Mario Beauregard, Craig Hulet

Prophecy of the Popes
Sunday June 3, 2012
Author and publisher with a specialty in End Times and prophecy, Tom Horn, discussed his new research on the prophecy of the Popes, and how 2012 will be the fulfillment of St. Malachy's prediction that the Catholic Church will see one final Pope...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Tom Horn, Alex Jones

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time
Saturday June 2, 2012
Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to June 6, 1996, when Professor Gerald Uelmen, who served on the defense team for OJ Simpson, contended that TV cameras in the courtroom were a mistake, and that OJ was innocent.
Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time

Classic Coast to Coast AM
Amazing Inventions
Monday May 28, 2007
Award-winning filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer spoke about his recent work documenting some of the world's most amazing inventions, inventors, and weird science.
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): Peter von Puttkamer

Classic Coast to Coast AM
Survival Skills
Saturday October 13, 2007
Founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School, Cody Lundin shared survival tips from backwoods self-reliance to urban disaster mitigation.
Host: Ian Punnett
Guest(s): Cody Lundin, Todd Gallagher

Secrets of Inner Christianity and Higher Realities
Friday June 1, 2012
There is a great deal more to Christianity than its modern leaders would have us believe. After a devastating personal loss, Jonathan Talat Phillips found his whole world--all of his aspirations and expectations--stripped away. In his desperation he turned to his Christian origins, and discovered a hidden and totally unexpected world of spiritual power and miraculous being....

The Illusion of Time
Wednesday May 30, 2012
Ever wondered whether or not we can move through time? Could this dream actually be a reality ALREADY? Listen as Anthony Peake, the author of the Labyrinth of Time, explains some of the greatest mysteries of time in a whole new way. Ever had a time slip? Ever found yourself repeating an event? Ever wanted to see into time or even move through it?...

Program 388
May 31st, 2012
Suzy Miller - The Energetic Awareness of Children With Autism
Michael Tymn - Transcending The Titanic Part 2

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