Fxphd After Effects Design and More II Issue 07

Fxphd After Effects Design and More II Issue 07 CD-ViH | ISO | 156 MB
Mark Christiansen builds upon his incredibly successful AFX220 class, by leading a team effort focusing on design-related issues in After Effects. Using the new After Effects CS3, we cover a wide range of topics, including design principles, interoperability with Photoshop and Illustrator, animation tricks, keying, and new features in CS3. Most of the course will be not specific to CS3 so you'll be fine using older versions, but we'll highlight changes in the app and cover some of the cool new features.

Christiansen's resume includes work at the special effects studio The Orphanage includes The Day After Tomorrow and films by Robert Rodriguez, and he has also created graphics for documentaries produced by HBO and The History Channel. Adobe's After Effects development team named Mark its number-one beta tester and hired him to create tutorials and other materials for the 6.0 release. His book, After Effects Studio Techniques, is a recommended textbook for the course.


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