e5e9ddc7811950651fd5a698ed902cea Dogz 5 v5.0 HEiST

Description: The Catz and Dogz virtual Petz product lines have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, while spawning a huge community of loyal Petz owners. Dogz and Catz live on your computer desktop, from little Puppyz and Kittenz, you raise them as they grow, play, and learn together. When they grow up, many will start families of their own. Petz look to you for care, guidance, and training. For every Petz you adopt, you’ll get to sign an Adoption Pledge promising to be a good Petz owner. Make sure your Dogz and Catz get plenty of healthy food, exercise, play time–and lots of love from you! Tasty treatz are one way to reward your Petz for good behavior, just don’t overdo it. Use the spray bottle to keep particularly naughty Petz in line.

518Y6GG772L Dogz 5 v5.0 HEiST

Release Name: Dogz.5.v5.0-HEiST
Size: 297 MB

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88x31 Dogz 5 v5.0 HEiST

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