The 7th Guest-JAGUAR
Size: 836.97 MB in 18 files
Region: ?
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Broderbund
Developer: Trilobyte Software
Release Date: 21.05.2012
Language: ENG

Release Description:
The legend of Henry Stauf has been puzzling gamers for years, and now it?s your chance to take a stab at cracking the macabre mystery of his existence. Homeless for much of his life, Stauf rose to fame when he created a series of popular toys. When children began to die in the presence of his creations, however, people began to suspect that Stauf was responsible. A subsequent dinner party at the toy maker?s estate resulted in the deaths of all six guests But, was there a seventh? Find out exactly what transpired in this 3D epic that?s packed with more than 20 diabolical puzzles.


Search through 22 rooms of a decaying mansion to find your missing girlfriend
Difficult puzzles, games and quests
Riveting story told in cinematic form
Intense macabre storyline


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