Blighted Earth 1.2 (iPhone)

Overview: TOWER DEFENSE is HERE. universal support for iPHONE, iPOD, & iPAD. dig in, get your towers up. the onslaught is coming...
Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later

mankind has ravaged the face of planet earth in a struggle for resources.

now warlords and their armies fight for the last few patches of inhabitable land.

protect your base and stave off the onslaught…


✓ 8 troop types
✓ 7 upgradeable towers
✓ 4 unique maps
✓ 1024x768 HD resolution [for iPad]
✓ stunning graphics
✓ full multi-touch controls
✓ frantic fast-paced gameplay

What's New in Version 1.2
new upgrades: blighted earth fast-forwarding, blighted earth loading bar, blighted earth difficulty adjustment
Blighted Earth 1.2 (iPhone)