Blood Ninja: Last Hero 1.0 (iPhone)

Overview: 300 years ago... Ninjas, who are valiant warriors, appeared and drove out darkness. Thus, the world regained light. However, human beings, who forgot history of darkness, didn’t want Ninjas any more. Ninjas proceeded with disappearing in history one by one in such way.
Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later.

★★★Appearance of true action hero!!!
Blood Ninja!!!★★★

Human beings, who came to be accustomed to peace, proceeded with going wrong gradually. Human beings’ depravity awakened power of darkness again.

Dark Age that was begun again in such way.. The world faces a crisis of collapse.

However, there is hope at any time.

Because just you are here as the final Ninja...!

★The best batting sense can be felt with dynamic combo skill.

★Anyone can play easily with simple manipulation and system.

★It is more interesting because of being added role-playing growth element together with hot action.

★Totally 4 level sections exist within one combat area, thereby leading to possibly playing effectively in difficulty level suitable for oneself.

★There are Ninjutsu and special skill, which are symbol of Ninja, thereby leading to possibly playing more smartly.

-Play Tip-
★All of weapons and defensive equipments are classified into grades of normal, special, rare, and unique. Additional option is given to item in more than special.

★Item can be upgraded by using jewel of soul.

★The more play in the combat area of the high grade leads to possibly acquiring the higher empirical value and the more gold and to the higher probability of acquiring luxurious item.

★★★Please try confirming the best action game now.★★★
Blood Ninja: Last Hero 1.0 (iPhone)