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Overview: This is the flashcard system for the COMPASS exam from TestSoup.
COMPASS Ace is the #1 best selling on-the-go study solution for the COMPASS exam. Study with over 340 high-quality flashcards anytime, anywhere in the world. COMPASS Ace will give you a solid math/verbal concept review, while testing your knowledge with hundreds of example questions.

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Flashcard features:
* Study with hundreds of high-quality COMPASS flashcards!

* Learn from more than 340 single question/answer flashcards
* All content created and reviewed by test prep experts

* “Flag” difficult math/verbal concepts for extra review to optimize study time
* Customize your COMPASS prep
* Shuffle flashcards in random order
* Study math, verbal, or both
* Practice with example questions
* Flag tough flashcards for extra review
* Review flagged flashcards
* Select portrait or landscape views

COMPASS Ace Mathematics Review:
Just some of the math concepts you will learn…
Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing Fractions
Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing Decimals
Triangle Basics
Whole/Real Numbers
Order of Operations
Corresponding Angles
Basics of Factors
Irrational Numbers
Area Calculations
The Quadratic Formula
Slope Formula
Perimeter Calculations
X and Y Intercepts
Complex Numbers
Basic Measurement
Formula Review
COMPASS Ace Sentence Skills Review:
Just some of the sentence skills concepts you will learn…
Sentence Fragments
Independent Clause
Adjective Phrases
Noun phrases
Parts of Speech
Indefinite pronouns
Subject-Verb Agreement
Linking verbs
Auxiliary verbs
Passive/Active Tense
Capitalization Rules
Word Usage
Possessive Case
Sentence Completions
COMPASS Ace Reading Comprehension Review:
Just some of the reading comprehension skills concepts you will learn…
Drawing Conclusions
Comparison and Contrast
Cause and Effect
Determining the Topic
Contrast Words
Exception Words
Contextual Clues
Emotional Words
Author’s Thought Process
Drawing Generalizations
Cause and Effect Relationships
Eliminating Choices
Sequence of Events
Avoidance of Outside Knowledge
Conclusions and Hedge Phrases
Three Most Common Types of Questions
Finding the Topic Sentence
Finding the Conclusion
Implied/Stated Ideas
We've helped thousands of students beat the COMPASS exam with our online and mobile study systems. You can customize your practice to focus on weak areas. You can also flag tough concepts for extra review. So, if you are early in your prep, you can practice across all types of math and verbal concepts. If you are far along in your prep, you can focus your practice on the particular section or difficulty level that you care most about. You can also practice with hundreds of example questions customized to simulate the real exam.
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