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DateProvided byRating
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Futurama - S07E1017 Aug*)
Futurama - S07E0730 Jul 12
Futurama S07E0517 Jul 12
Futurama S0624 Dec 11i-Fresh(1*)
Futurama - S06E2613 Sep 11CrackedSource(1*)
Futurama - S06E26 - Reincarnation11 Sep 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama - S06E2609 Sep 11WrzScene(3*)
Futurama S06E26 Reincarnation09 Sep 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama - S06E2609 Sep*)
Futurama - S06E2609 Sep 11
Futurama - S06E2507 Sep 11WarezUSA(4*)
Futurama - S06E2507 Sep*)
Futurama S06E25 Overclockwise02 Sep 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama - S06E24 - Cold Warriors28 Aug 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama - S06E2328 Aug 11CrackedSource(1*)
Futurama S06E24 Cold Warriors28 Aug 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama - S06E2428 Aug 11UBDisk.orG(2*)
Futurama - S06E2427 Aug*)
Futurama - S06E23 - The Tip of the Zoidberg22 Aug 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama - S06E2322 Aug 11UBDisk.orG(2*)
Futurama S06E23 The Tip of the Zoidberg22 Aug 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama - S06E2322 Aug*)
Futurama - S06E22 - Fry am the Egg Man13 Aug 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama - S06E2213 Aug*)
Futurama - S06E2106 Aug 11
Futurama - S06E2106 Aug 11
Futurama - S06E20 - All The Presidents Heads01 Aug 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama - S06E2030 Jul 11SmokingDDL(2*)
Futurama S06E20 All the Presidents Heads30 Jul 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama S06E1930 Jul 11SpicyShares(2*)
Futurama S06E2030 Jul 11WarezRls(1*)
Futurama -S06E18 - The Silence of the Clamps23 Jul 11ExpresShare(4*)
Futurama -S06E19 - Yo Leela Leela23 Jul 11
Futurama Into the Wild Green Yonder (2009)23 Jul*)
Futurama Bender\\\s Big Score (2007)23 Jul 11
Futurama Bender\\\s Game (2008)23 Jul 11
Futurama The Beast with a Billion Backs (2008)23 Jul 11
Futurama S06E1923 Jul 11The Z-Warez(1*)
Futurama - S06E1923 Jul*)
Futurama - S06E1816 Jul 11WrzScene(3*)

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