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Luxor,The King\\\s Collection 11 In 1 (2012)24 OctRarTr(1*)
Luxor Quest For The Afterlife 1.029 Dec 12Detz(1*)
Luxor Evolved08 May 12The Viper Files(4*)
Luxor (MacOSX)05 Apr 12spiritarena(4*)
Luxor Evolved11 Mar 12The Viper Files(4*)
Luxor Evolved Mar*)
Luxor HD Final (Portable)29 Dec 11SmokingDDL(4*)
Luxor HD07 Sep 11Zaheema(3*)
Luxor HD22 Aug 11GameDayTech(2*)
Luxor 2 v1.01 (iPhone.iPod)30 Jul 11NhocShock.Com(3*)
Luxor 320 Jun 11The Viper Files(4*)
Luxor HD Jun 11MyShahG(3*)
Luxor Adventures30 Apr 11GameDayTech(2*)
Luxor Quest for the Afterlife30 Apr 11
Luxor Adventures30 Apr 11
Luxor Quest for the Afterlife30 Apr 11
Luxor Bundle 3-in-128 Mar 11MyShahG(3*)
Luxor Adventures( PC)23 Feb 11phoenix(1*)
Luxor Adventures( PC)23 Feb 11
Luxor Adventures (2009)21 Jan 11Zaheema(3*)
Luxor Adventures17 Jan 11WarezShmarez(2*)
Luxor Adventures16 Jan 11WarezRock(1*)
Luxor 5th Passage16 Jan*)
Luxor Adventures15 Jan 11Soft2050(4*)
Luxor Adventures18 Dec 10WarezOcean(3*)
Luxor Adventures v0.910 Dec 10WrzAddiction(2*)
Luxor 5th Passage Dec 10MacOSXStation(4*)
Luxor Adventures 1.0.130 Nov 10WarezHD(5*)
Luxor 5th Passage Nov*)
Luxor 5th Passage (2010)13 Nov 10Soft Very Hot(3*)
Luxor Adventures v0.931 Dec 69EliteCrackers(1*)
Luxor Mega Pack31 Dec 69DuSpot(4*)
Luxor Amun Rising31 Dec 69Xatz(4*)

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