Submitting to MechoDDL

If you want to submit to MechoDDL you do not need to PM me or email MechoDDL. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step One - Link to MechoDDL

First thing you have to do is add the MechoDDL Image Button below. We do not allow new sites to have a text link. If your website has a lot of external links to other DDL sites you will be rejected. We only allow a maximum of 4 DDL Image Buttons and 12 links to other DDL Sites. This should be no problem to 99% of sites as these are more than the Katz Rules. To be honest if you've a lot of external links on your site it's bad for your SEO. If you have some mod or plugin that add's rel="nofollow" make sure to remove it from the MechoDDL Link.

Step Two - Register

Go to MechoDDL Webmaster Area and Register your website. You will be sent an email to confirm your email address (as most websites do) and then you will be able to login.

Step Three - Submit

Once you have registered you can submit your downloads following the MechoDDL Rules. As soon as you submit you will see your downloads in the Webmaster Area while they are in the queue. Withing 24 hours your site will be given a rating (usually 1 star) and your submits accepted and go live. here is the Submit Form.

Requesting A Re-Rate

To request a Re-Rate just go to the Re-Rate area of the Webmaster Control Panel. My Account then Re-Rate and you can then just click the Request Re-Rate Button. If you don't see the Request Re-Rate Button you will be told how many more submits are required or how long you have to wait for you next re-rate. A rating history log is also available for you to see your rating history and any other issues with your site. All re-rates are processed in no more than 24 hours (usually withing a few hours). You will be able to see the result of your re-rate request in the Webmaster Area. An email will also be sent to you confirming your new rating. You can chose not to receive these emails in the Settings in the MechoDDL Webmaster Area.

Ratings - Banned Websites

If your having trouble submitting make sure you check the list of Banned Websites and do whatever steps are necessary before requesting your website to be unbanned. The banned reason is also displayed in the Webmaster area. To get unbanned you can just click the Unban Request Button and you will be unbanned in a few hours providing you have fixed the issues screenshot

Further Information

Please check out our Webmaster Help Area for more information and advise on submitting and what you can submit and how often as well as the rules that you are required to follow.

Want to Earn ?

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Thank you